Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Mamun Monowar is working in the Corporate Sector of Bangladesh for more than 23 years. His core expertise is in the field of strategic business planning, brand management, back office factory operation, sales and distribution and in transformational leadership.

Mr. Mamun holds various leading positions and played vital roles in several organizations like Partex Group, Finlay Tea, Golden Harvest Group, Paragon Group and in BRAC. He was holding the position of Executive Director In Golden Harvest Group and Chief Operating Officer in Paragon Group and in BRAC.

Mr. Mamun joined in KK Foundation in January, 2020 as Chief Operating Officer.

He received professional training from Toyota Motor Plants on Total Quality Management and the Production Management in Japan in the year 2013 and 2016 respectively. Also obtained training in National Soybean Research Laboratory at University of Illinois, USA and DuPont Nutrition and Health Headquarters, St. Luis, USA for the contribution to the processed foods industry in the year 2016.

Mr. Mamun is an MBA (Marketing). He attended in various workshops, seminars & Television Programs on business issues.

Mr. Mamun engaged with various social clubs and professional Associations and holding the Life Membership of Bangladesh AOTS-HIDA Alumni Society (BAAS), Life Member of Bangladesh Society for Total Quality Management (BSTQM), Life Member of Planters Club of Bangladesh, Member of Dhaka Ad Club, Member of WAPSA, Member of Bangladesh Yoga Association, Member of Nurserymen Association of Bangladesh etc.