Introducing Short Courses for the Capacity Development of Shelter House Children

Introducing Short Courses for the Capacity Development of Shelter House Children

KKF is planning to achieve large scale and rapid change by working with individuals, families, communities and institution to overcome poverty. To reach the target foundation plans for a comprehensive approach – with financial services, capacity building and livelihood development as well as health, education and social justice – enabling people to realize their potential. Through continuous innovation to introduce more cost effective solutions and adapting them for greater effectiveness, we are trying to scale up for immediate and lasting change.

Along with this, it also has planned for the capacity development of the less and under privileged youth. Foundation developed few basic course modules with the help of experts and started the certificate courses for the capacity development of the shelter house children. With a minimum charge outsiders may join the courses as well. Detailed course catalogue will be announced shortly.

Two courses namely Basic Computer and Basic Photoshop and Illustration are launched for the Shelter House Children since August 2020. Four children (Rubi Akhter, Eshita Akter, Fatema Akhter Jiniya and Shantona Akther) enrolled for the Basic Computer Course and two (Ms. Jhuma Akter and Ms. Mili Sarif Moni) enrolled for Basic Photoshop and Illustration Course. Mr. Ripon Mondol, Senior Officer, KK Foundation who has specialization in this area is facilitating both the courses.

The duration of the certificate course is eight to twelve weeks, every week one class. Children are provided course outlines along with the materials. It is expected that the 1st batch is going to graduate in October 2020.

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