Eid ul Adha 2020- Sharing Happiness with All

Eid ul Adha 2020- Sharing Happiness with All

This pandemic year, the Eid ul Adha was a bit different than other years. KK Foundation started a small program considering few issues in the mind so that the Eid becomes more meaningful for all. It organized a program named ‘Sharing Eid Happiness with all’. Under the program we arranged the the Qurbani on behalf of the person and kept a portion for us for the distribution among the distress.

Ms. Afifa Khanam, Educational Consultant and Trainer, Former Government School Principal (Scotland), Lead Trainer of Connecting Classroom Project in Bangladesh with British Council visited us on last January 2020. She contributed a whole cow for Qurbani for our shelter house children. KK Foundation is grateful for her kind contribution.

Not only this, the program linked with  a sustainable livelihoods project of the distress farmers as well. KK Foundation did not buy the cattle just from the regular Hut. Rather bought the animals from the farmers so that they receive the best prices. With the help of Give Bangladesh, it bought the best quality cows from their Krishan Project. Krishan project helps the marginal farmers of North Bengal, Bangladesh to buy and raise their cattle in a healthy environment and also provides numbers of training and medical facilities for them.

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KK foundation is ever grateful to all the donated person who has shared their sacrifices and happiness with us!!! May Allah accept all our sacrifices! Ameen!!!

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