Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise. (Prophet Muhammad SAW)

For pursuing knowledge, only best option is education. KK Foundation is deeply committed to providing the poor and vulnerable full access to inclusive and equitable quality education. We believe for a better world education and knowledgeable person is the only option. To educate someone is, therefore, to enrich them and their society for life and beyond. That is why spending on education is considered as an ever-flowing charity, sadaqah jariyah. Educated person are empowered one and gives voice to the once-silent, bridges social and cultural divides, and expands equality and justice in society.

Since KKF’s inception (2011) it is investing money to educate the people. At present foundation is taking care of the education of its 75 residential children. It also maintained the sponsorship of all tuition and fees of numbers of students in different part of Bangladesh. Not only for their education, but also KK Foundation provides uniform with backpacks full of necessary school supplies to the disadvantage students of the country.

We also conduct programs across the country in vocational and life-skills instruction, professional placement and re-certification, and youth science and technology. We school the orphan and disadvantaged abandoned street children, and also have program for widow, displaced, refugee, and impoverished; women and men, young and old.


Educate someone and enrich them and all they touch for life and beyond, a sadaqah jariyah

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